Family Research Online Links

Family Research is made more efficient with our handpicked list of useful links that we turn to often. While there are countless online resources available, we've narrowed down the essential websites to expand on your family history journey. 

We find State Records as well as the Archives offer a treasure trove of historical records waiting to be discovered. Happy researching!


A quick Google search for "State Records" or "Archives" along with the Australian State you're interested in will bring up many more options for you to search!

Genealogy Websites

There are many paid and some free websites to help with your research. 


Find A Grave is an exciting resource where everyone can contribute to take photos and provide local information on headstones and upload it. You can also make a photo request.

Births, Deaths & Marriages

The link below will provided information and links for all of Australia. Each State and Territory manage their own records. Rememeber to try the Trove and other newspapers for birth/death notices. The National Archive may also provide useful information.


There is a National Library as well as State libraries in Australia. The above link provides information on all the linked libraries.


Trove connects you to digital collections from hundreds of Trove Partners across Australia, including libraries, museums, galleries, the media, government and community organisations and more.
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