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Bygone Days Genealogy

For many years I have been uncovering the mysteries of people’s past and uncovering the stories of their life. It all began when my dad and I looked into our own family history; after just a few hours I was hooked and perhaps a year later I decided to start my own business.  It has been such a rewarding career, and I can’t imagine now doing anything else.  In May 2015 I decided to earn some “genealogical” academic credentials and began studies with the National Institute for Genealogical Studies at the University of Toronto in Canada.  I completed 2 years of study in April 2017, graduating with a Distinction in all 3 fields – Australian Records, English Records & Methodology.  It proved to me the scale of this industry and how many resources are truly at our hands if we have the knowledge behind us.  Now with 2 writers in my team, and a large number of professional colleagues throughout the UK and Europe on hand, we offer complete and unique Research Projects.  I hope you will take the journey with me!  Annalies Nutley PLCGS

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PLCGS from the International Institute of Genealogical Studies


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Gleneagle, Scenic Rim Regional, Queensland, Australia

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